OBRA is a platform for contemporary art based in the Malmö/Lund area with the mission of mediating artworks to new and established audiences. We curate and put into motion art exhibitions thus encouraging the emergence of new knowledge and conversation about the artworks and the participating artists. The platform has matured and taken the form of a contemporary art gallery.
The exhibition program and editorial decisions don’t respond to national or geographical limits. However, art from the Scandinavian countries –and to a lesser extent Spain and Latin America– organically constitute the platform’s genetic and intellectual code.
OBRA’s goal is not exclusively commercial yet we are learning to be able to discern what matters most to private and public buyers and how their interests relate to those of the artist and the general audience.
A generous group of individuals, organisations, companies and public art institutions like museums and public agencies have in different ways contributed to the existence and development of the gallery.
OBRA encourages transparent exchange operations with the purpose of contributing to the advancement of the arts. In its early stages the gallery claimed its origins as “post-alternative and interdisciplinary”, questioning and resisting unsustainable gallery models.
We initiated activities in 2016 and in January 2018 the platform became registered as a limited company.

OBRA was conceived and is directed by Tomás Giraldo-Feener with the logistical guidance –starting 2023– of British artist Luke Sivik-Phelps.
Bytaregatan 5
Wednesday–Friday 2–6 pm
Saturday & Sunday 2–4 pm