Magnus Thierfelder & Sailor Press at OBRA                                                                        2018.09.01

In Magnus Thierfelder’s artistic practice –which encompasses sculpture, video, performance and interventions with found materials– photography plays a central role. Nonetheless the artist’s approach to the medium is very specific. The images he takes are never exhibited as single photographs but rather in groups or often collaged in pairs generating a formal and conceptual dialogue in between them. Thierfelder’s eye is sensitive to certain kinds of non-formal, often non-deliberate anonymous interventions in public space, accessible to everyone but rarely recorded (or actually even noticed) for posterity. Magnus’ photography raises questions about what is photogenic, his images providing attention to the unspectacular, the discarded most often with a mystifying sense of care for things and the way they appear to us that would otherwise be considered uneventful. Uneventful that is, if we were to follow the mainstream understanding and forms of use of photography.

Conceived and produced in occasion of the artist’s solo exhibition at the Museum of Art of the city of Ystad, in the very south of the Swedish province of Skåne, and in collaboration with Matilda Plöjel’s independent publishing initiative Sailor Press, we have now the opportunity to invite you to the launch in Malmö of the publication ‘echo eco’, which compiles a portion of Thierfelder’s extensive “visual note taking” that occurs during his walks around different cities in the world.

In the publication the images are not captioned or geographically referenced, they work more as a compound that gives a sense of an individual’s experience with the surfaces and materials of The City.

echo echo
Magnus Thierfelder and Sailor Press
with a text by Carl Lindh

Book release:
Saturday, September 1
4 p.m

The artist would like to give special thanks to Ystad Konstmuseum and Elastic Gallery for making the publication possible.

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