December 10th, 2016–January 28th, 2017

Patrik Aarnivaara
Christian Andersson
Daniel Askeland
Markus Bråten
Karolina Erlingsson
Luca Frei
Maria E Harrysson
Loui Kuhlau Fjellander
Tina Kryhlmann
Nathan Larson
Bjarni Tor Petursson
Nina Roos

Prequel is an exhibition with transitional, preparation or unfinished material that artists make towards more completed work. Depending on the practice this may be a text, a drawing, a series of scribbled notes, a model, rushes or clips for a film, unreleased music…the list goes on.

Occasionally these objects, sound waves, assemblages enclose an unseen energy; an untold fragment of a larger project or just work as a horizontally perceived aspect of a body of work.

This experience reaches out for the fibres of research and making processes carried out by contemporary artists. 

An insight into their work, as now seen via these intermediate and/or post-intermediate moments.

Saturday, December 10th
3:00–7:00 p.m