And the air

February 3rd – March 7th

Markus Bråten (b.1990) is a Norwegian artist currently working and living in Frankfurt (Germany) and Stavanger (Norway). The sculptures on display in this show are new works, produced within four months, during which the artist lived in the northern industrial harbour area in Malmö, Sweden. It was therefore inevitable that the sculptures would be somehow influenced by this environment, full of traces from structures that were designed for the construction of large machines – tools that compresses the human scale. The title for the show was conceived as a reference to descriptive writing, and as it stands, Markus imagines it to be a fragment from a description that would match the environment in which the gallery is located. The harbour, built on top of a landfill is being haunted by it merging with nature. The movement of air is a central part of the show, and indeed as Markus experienced it, together with the ocean, are the core elements that stands against the harbour, in a constant attempt to tear down what we construct.


Ahhh… And the Atmosphere, flowing – like water. Mmm… and the air – as thick as oil, dark, as a silhouette. And creatures, hovering mid-air. Can you believe that? And there was more. I will lay them out for you. Look, wow. Wait  I'll tell you more. It was like this. 
Look at this.

Review (in Swedish) by Christine Antaya

Review (in Swedish) by Carolina Söderhölm

Images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Markus would like to thank the Arts Council of Norway for their support in this exhibition.